Nounscription Edition

Nounscription Edition

Ethscribed Nouns collection

All newly generated

Limited collection as open edition

Unique white background

Holder Rewards (coming soon)

Have already a Nounscription?

Nounscription Genesis

First ethscribed Nouns collection
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Nounscription Friends

Second ethscribed Nouns collection
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Nounscriptions are just like Nouns, but different !

Why? Nounscriptions use a new way of creating and sharing digital artifacts on Ethereum using transaction calldata (similar to Ordinals on Bitcoin) called Ethscriptions.

As expansion to Nouns, Nounscriptions create a new layer to that ecosystem with ethscribed collections. Nounscriptions DAO aims to own at least one Noun exposing more people to that community and its voting system.

Holder Rewards

CryptoRalph Token ($CRT on Polygon) is also the utility token of the Nounscriptions ecosystem and are given to Nounscriptions holders as reward on a daily basis (like for CryptoRalph NFTs as well).

  • Level-up your NFT over time
  • Collect $CRT as rewards
  • Spend your rewards in our Shop
  • Low gas fees on Polygon chain

$CRT seriously increases the experience of owning Nounscriptions. But it is not an investment and has NO monetary value.
Utility like this separates a good NFT collection from a GREAT one!

Level-up your Nounscriptions

Owning Nounscriptions and keeping it in your “wallet” will level it up over time from Standard to Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum. With each new Level also the daily token collect is increasing.

Coming soon …

Shop ($CRT only on Polygon)

In our Shop you can spend your collected rewards

  • Buy exclusive NFT available for Nounscriptions holders only
  • Get tickets to participate in Raffles
  • Merchandize will also be offered from time to time
  • and more to come …

Coming soon …

About Nounscriptions

  • Nounscriptions artwork is in the public domain
  • All Nounscriptions will become members of Nounscriptions DAO
  • Artwork is generative and ethscribed directly on-chain
  • Attribute scarcity by equal randomness, expect the background color 😉
  • There are two collections: Nounscription Genesis (minted out) and Nounscription Friends (still minting)
Nounscriptions traits

Nounscriptions are generated randomly. There are no ‘if’ statements or other rules governing trait scarcity, which makes all traits equally rare – with the exception of the special backgrounds !
As of this writing, Nouns are made up of:

  • backgrounds (5 for Nounscriptions Genesis and 3 for Nounscriptions Friends)
  • bodies (30)
  • accessories (140)
  • heads (242)
  • glasses (23)
On-chain artwork

Nounscriptions are stored directly on Ethereum and do not utilize pointers to other networks such as IPFS. This is possible because Nounscriptions leverage the Ethscriptions-protocol to store artwork on-chain using a single base64 encoded PNG image.

Ethscriptions protocol

Ethscriptions are a new way of creating and sharing digital artifacts on Ethereum using transaction calldata (similar to Ordinals on Bitcoin). They are like NFTs but significantly cheaper more decentralized than their token equivalents. Ethscriptions can be best described as a groundbreaking protocol that enables users to inscribe images and other non-financial data onto the Ethereum main chain. You can find more information about Ethscriptions on their official website

Nounscriptions are leveraging this new protocol and each individual Nounscription is therefore fully on-chain.

Nounscriptions DAO

Nounscriptions DAO is still to be founded and main objective will be to hold a minimum of one Noun. This will make the our DAO a member of the Nouns DAO and give all Nounscriptions holders a collective way to vote on their proposals and therefore be also part of that community.

Each Nounscription will be an irrevocable member of Nounscriptions DAO and entitled to one vote on Noun escosytems matters via the Nounscriptions DAO. Nounscription votes will be non-transferable (if you sell your Nounscription the vote goes with it).

Founder team

Nounscriptions have been created by the CryptoRalph team (like also EthscriptRalph), as a tribute to Nouns. Nouns not only created the iconic square glasses, they also introduced many innovations like an identity, community, CC0 / IP, government and treasury approach that is bringing NFTs to a next level.